Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obligatory Year End Blog Post

Everyone else was doing a year end post and I thought OMG WE need an year end post!  But about what?  The newest addition born out in CA, about Jenny's boy becoming one of us (goople gopple), about Wingal getting a big girl job, about Mooch's wenis, about Bully Hill sending me a note b/c they hadn't heard from me in a while and were getting worried, about the planning of the upcoming PSSWR '10.

Decisions, decisions.

Then the internets gave me something that reminded me of new beginnings, of finding old friendships and making them new again, about treasuing your bestest buds forever...

That's right, Ann M. Martin is writing new Baby Sitters Club books.

Happy New Years, Ladies.  Much love to all of you and here's hoping we all get to get our Claudia on.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mother of Hell


I am fucking done.

Now here's hoping that 11 and a half pages counts as 12 pages....I mean who says 1.5 spacing and not double space. That is ludicrous, and not the fun kind. I mean jesus. Part of it's my fault: silly me picked the one archive with no preservation issues.

So I'm now done, turned it in and I have some things I need to post before I get backt o regular posting which I will do with a vengeance now that I have nothing else to keep my attention.

Okay thing 1 - from Twitter:

#2) from gourmet shake n' bake, y'all!


5lbs of Mellowcreme pumpkins IN DECEMBER.

Jenn & Mark are awesome.

I would show you the kick ass bacon we got too, but we already did some damage on that beast.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009