Friday, September 28, 2007

eharmony safety check-in person

My friend Jenny has a date with someone she met on eHarmony tonight. And I get to be her "check-in" person. This means when she says the safe word I stop smacking her with the cheese wait that's with Larry...sorry, no, with Jenny it means that she is to call me and let me know where she is going and when and when she should be back and then she calls me when she gets back so 1) I know she's safe and 2) I can find out all the details from the date. It's like a built in gossip protection. I love it. Also she made me a badge:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A note from BHV

I got a case of wine from Bully Hill today. Upon opening I found an envelope:

Inside the envelope was a wee note and a present. Gee, think they remembered us?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Raveonettes: Part II

I wanted to post the Raveonettes song below:

A. on my blog

B. followed by this explanatory message


C. because it was going to be the soundtrack for my evening. But it's been so long since I started trying (and failing for some reason) to accomplish any of the above that it doesn't really represent my mood anymore. But it's still a good song.

The Ravonettes - Love In A Trash Can

Monday, September 10, 2007

Tequila Thoughts

I feel like the Phantom of the Opera - invisible as I go about tweaking things here and there behind the scenes, wearing a weird half-mask to hide my monstrous visage, yet even with my hideousness able to seduce unassuming buxom young out, Boobarella. You're next.


So, do you all like the title picture? I hope so. I sacrificed for it. I had to make (and drink) an entire margarita all by myself in order to make it happen (wiping flour off brow).

In fact I'm still drinking it...mmm, icy cold, tart margarita not-from-a-mix...end-of-summer...only 97 degrees outside...mmmm.

Also I just climbed out of the Rainbow Star Pool, so my core temperature is nice and chilly.

Someday you all should just come out to Tucson for parties and drinks and warm weather when it's cold everywhere else and I'm too poor to travel (you will conveniently have thought ahead and saved up, of course). It could be a PSSWR Spring Break or something. I'll kick Raphael out and we'll all sack out all over the floor. Boobarella could bring a bunch of Bully Hill wines to crack open on the patio and we could drink margaritas in Mexico, flipping our hair at the vendors who call us "Barbie" as we walk by. Oh, and they will. We could look at saguaros, and barbeque in the backyard, and make fun of Wingal all day long if we wanted to.

It would be alsome.

P.S. If anyone hates the picture, feel free to remove it. Likewise with any of the template changes I happen to make.

Friday, September 07, 2007

2. I am thirty-something. What does this mean for my future in terms of cake?

First, I would like to say that at PSSWR Boobarella promised to help me find a cake-making buddy and clearly it was just an empty promise and she doesn't really love me. :(

But my response to Jenny's topic 2 is:

At 30-something I have given up on cake. I've decided to switch to pie... it's all about the filling, you can be really creative with it (lots of experimentation), and they don't all require baking.

Wait... what am I talking about?

6. I think (name) at work has a dark secret. Conjecture.

Indeed. We have a newish hire, and I will withhold the name b/c god forbid someone here figures out that I am Boobarella & that I post on this blog. Nonetheless, I have a coworker who I believe to be a she-male. That's right I said it, a she-male. She's very tall and has a very deep voice and walks sort of hunched over. Very manish gait. All very disturbing. Especially when she talks about her husband.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

8. I have a dark secret. Discuss.

My dark secret is that I love the Brachs Mellowcreme Pumpkins. Not so much the candy corn or any of the other nasty Halloween candy, but my god these pumpkins I cannot be with out. I have only really met one other person who feels as I do, my boss's wife. and so every year I buy her bag when I see them in the store. I swear I could eat the whole thing in one sitting, except that I would probably die from sugar shock.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I figured I'd better get this blog rolling again since we're all such incredible slackers. God.

Following is a list of possible topics which are coming into my head as we speak. I have stayed away from politics and religion, but as rant topics, they are, of course, always welcome:

1. I will never be a collector of... Elaborate.

2. I am thirty-something. What does this mean for my future in terms of cake? Whatever connotation of the word "cake" you wish to use is acceptable.

3. I still have an urge to stuff (name of nemesis here) in a locker. Elaborate.

4. For our next PSSWR vacation, we should go to... Discuss.

5. I love three things about my pet. Elaborate.

6. I think (name) at work has a dark secret. Conjecture.

7. You bitches are all crazy. Specifically... Elaborate.

8. I have a dark secret. Discuss.

9. My name is really... Reveal.

10. I can come up with better conversation topics than you, obviously. Add them to the list.

Okay. Now someone write an inspired post for me to read at work.