Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Sized Diseases

After two straight weeks of superior athletic competition and superior athletic costuming, I have to confess that I was unfamiliar with some of the terms/names used in the games and assumed that they were terrible diseases that some of the athletes were afflicted with.

- Mancuso: "I was diagnosed with Mancuso today; I have 5 months."

- Quebec Pop: "He gave me Quebec Pop"

                        "Maybe you shouldn't have slept with that lumberjack."

- Giant Slalom: "Taking this pill may cause constipation, giant slalom, and a yellowing of the skin..."

- Hack Foot: "Did you hear about Steve?  He has Hack Foot."

                         "Maybe he shouldn't have slept with that lumberjack."

- Burning Stone: "Eating at Taco Bell gave me a Burning Stone."

- Dry Slope: "Don't be embarrassed Honey, every woman experiences Dry Slope at one or another."

Sunday, February 14, 2010