Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


So... I was looking at Ye Olde Bloge today and I think I'm gonna chance it up a bit. All the wasted space on the left and right bugs the shit out of me when I'm being a bad employee and playing with the blog on my huge ass screen at work. I promise to keep the same feel (plenty of wine, my boobs, and general debauchery) and same general color scheme.

Thus, any concerns or requests or demands? Please have them in by 7pm on Friday 6/19/09.



Friday, June 12, 2009


Mormon Time!

For Wingal

I think you might need to do this with one of your many closets at the new skanktuary.

How to convert a closet into a mini wine cellar - More DIY How To Projects

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A few things

See the post below? It's the pre-party for the BlogHer conference here in Chicago. You have a months notice. Come as you are baby.

See the banner on the right? Donate to save "Paste" an awesome music magazine. Donate and get 70 140+ free downloads. All sorts of musicians and kinds of music!! Rare cuts!! Including a live cut of Over the Rhine doing "Love Hurts."

Monday, June 08, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009


PSSWR: Deliverance... Wednesday's Quotes

"I paid for my whore... I flew her in, I put her up, I'm gonna feed her ass... she is MINE." - Wingal re: boobarella

"He's a tool. He's an awl. You know... one of those tools everyone has but nobody knows what it's for?" - boobarella

"Then we can turn her on and take her back to the motel." - re: Mandy the Tom-Tom voice

"You know you want to belong to the Church of Fried Chicken." - Wingal
"Yes... because the offering comes in Crispy or Original Recipe." - boobarella

"I'm just a tubby white girl from Upstate New York with no rhythm and who can apparently kill Mothra." - boobarella
"That should be on your resume." - Wingal

"If I get on-campus housing, you are NOT peeing in the woods... you're gonna use indoor plumbing and you're gonna like it." - Wingal

Seen Near Lynchburg:

That's right... it's a shirtless guy driving a riding lawnmower with a trailer holding a wheelchair. On a main thoroughfare. Welcome home, Wingal... welcome home.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PSSWR: Deliverance... Tuesday's Quotes

During the Drive and at the Inn:

"Boobarella... Do you have to pee?" - improvised Tom-Tom voice

"Ooo, Perkins... they have Mammoth Muffins." - Wingal
"So do I." - boobarella

"I've got sugar between my thighs!" - Wingal

"Am I gonna let you lean over me, put your tits in my face, and move it? NO!" - boobarella to Wingal

"I love how there are crackers and wrappers all over the floor." - boobarella
"Crackers and Rappers?" - Wingal

"Hey, I can swallow it... it's not a taste issue, it's a texture issue." - Wingal (on pasta)

Pre-Drive Texting about Tom-Tom voices:

"The voice is Mandy. Dave sounded like a smug bastard" - Wingal
"I want to hear Dave b/c he might be good if we are men bashing." - boobarella
"There's also a voice named Dick... er, Richard." - Wingal
"Dick! Yes!" - boobarella
"He's very computery." - Wingal
"Blah, I want Ricardo Montalban." - boobarella
"That might cause lots of accidents for, um, distracted female drivers." - Wingal
"Can you imagine: 'my darling, take a left in about, say, 300 feet." - boobarella
**drives off road** - Wingal
"'My darling, you seemed to have changed routes, let me recalculate for you while you regain your composure.'" - boobarella