Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bowl of plastic combs

Yay! It's picture day!! At my JOB!!

Seriously, we're having picture day. Supprort staff is trying to figure out why they need our pictures since no one ever sees us, we're not allowed to have real business cards, and none of us is smart. A few of us even have "please don't feed the staff" signes on our rectangubles. We like to foster a happy work environment.

Anyway, here's a copy of my department's group photo:

Friday, March 23, 2007

For All the Dog Lu-vuhs

Y'all may have noticed that I have a link on my blog to the "Stuff on My Cat" site, which makes me laugh daily.

As of Monday, they're launching the sister site, Stuff On My Mutt. I immediately thought of all of you and all the little doggies (and soon-to-be-big doggies) I know that undoubtedly end up with stuff on them (because they live with you guys). If I could find a decent "Stuff" picture of Cedric or Abby, I'd submit them; but I have no doubt that you guys will be able to submit pictures of your little lovies, and won't we all be so proud?!

You realize I think of all of your animals as my fuzzy little nephews and neices... weird though that may be.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

132+ Irish Bars in this Town and Not a Single Welsh One

Yes, it's true. There are over 132 Irish bars in this town and the ONLY Welsh bar closed down before I got here. GRrrr... Anyway, I shall be heading to one after work tonight to make my pilgrimage with a black and tan and maybe some corned beef and cabbage too (perhaps sushi if it's over cowded and I can't get dinner served). However, as I was riding to work on the muni this afternoon I overheard the girl next to me say, "Oh yeah, so we started at 10 this morning at Durty Nelly's and now we're heading down town toward the rest of the Irish pubs. We're going to hit them all." All 123? Man, that's a goal. I probably won't get into a pub tonight at all. Naturally she said this while wearing her shamrock deelly bobbs on her head while talking to her boyfriend and friend wearing green mardi gras beads. So I got down town totally thinking there wasn't a parade, but there so was, with Irish dancing in the middle of the steet and everything. Everyone was wearing green, silly string was flying everywhere, some even landed in coffee cups and no one really cared. To top it all off there was some Scotish dude wearing a green kilt on the street corner trying to hail a cab. What city do I live in? Are we all Irish? Why can't people celebrate St. David's Day this way? It'd be way cooler. Everyone would be wearing red, there'd be a big parade with a giant red dragon, dafodils, and leeks and the rest would pretty much all be the same except we'd all be eatting potato leek soup instead of corned beef and cabbage. Damn potato famine. But since Saint Patrick was British, Welsh even, I can't really not celebrate can I? So I'm wearing the green (though I'm not Catholic), I'm going home to pluck a whole lot of clover out of my yard (clover grows like the weed it is here) and drink several Irish brews at my local Irish pub. Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"I HATE MUNI" a little ditty I wrote this morning.

*sing it to the tune of "brother john"

I hate muni, I hate muni,
I'll tell you why, I'll tell you why.
It dropped me off at UCSF, dropped me off at UCSF
No reason why, no reason why.

Waiting for the shuttle, waiting for the shuttle,
shuttle passes by, shuttle passes by.
Says it's not in service, what the F*** does that mean?
Want to scream and cry, want to scream and cry.

Three miles from Van Ness, three miles from Van Ness,
call my husband now, call my husband now.
Wants me to call the grandparents, the 88 year old grandparents.
Thinking of suicide, rather run and hide.

Muni car comes lumbering, muni car comes lumbering,
trucking up the street, trucking up the street.
Says the tunnel's clear now, says the tunnel's clear now,
feeling like sardines, feeling like sardines.

Pushed my way off at Van Ness, pushed my way off at Van Ness,
running down the street, running down the street.
It's a bright and sunny day here, bright and sunny day here,
It was foggy at the beach, foggy at the beach.

Sitting at my computer, sitting at my computer,
finally drinking my tea, finally drinking my tea.
Thinking of buying a bicycle, thinking of buying a bicycle
since my husband drives my car, and his truck's too big to park.

Seven miles from down town, seven miles from down town,
up and down some hills, up and down many hills.
Rethinking the bicycle, definitely axing the bicycle,
I'm stuck with muni now, stuck with muni now.

How's your day going?

Thursday, March 08, 2007


So, how freakin' lazy are we? We keep talking about the PSSWR, but have yet to plan it. Back in the Fall we were planning to do invitations and invite loads of people and make t-shirts and cds... now where are we? Nowhere. I guess what we need to do is figure out

1. Are we doing it?
2. WHEN are we doing it?
3. Who's doing it with us?
4. Extraneous other details.

I would like to, if we can get at least two or three more people to go. We don't need to rent a cabin or anything; we can just find a B&B or something. And it doesn't have to be for a week; 3-4 days would be fine with me. Anyway, I just thought I'd toss it out there again; see if we're still a go or if it'll have to be PSSWR 2008.