Thursday, November 30, 2006


This website is like removing the cake part and eating too much of the frosting and then passing out from the sugar coma that ensues. But I love it.

(And, FYI, Wingal, I have suspicians that the person behind the captions may be our long-lost Maweah.)

Monday, November 27, 2006

"Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double-beatloaf. I hate meatloaf."

And by "meatloaf", I mean work. And by "hate" I mean "I am mildly annoyed at coming in after 4 days off and the look on my pugs faces this morning when they realized I was going to work today was enough to make you cry."

So, how has everyone else's post-turkey haze worn off? How are things now that you have wiped the last of the crusty stuffing and cranberries from your face?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hey! Let Me Give You a Little Thanks!

Hola, ladies! Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to post some delicious food pictures before you got here, but of course this morning I can't post pictures at all for some reason. But I've got my mimosa in front of me which is of course much better than a photo of a mimosa, and I'm feeling thankful. (P.S. I'm Jenny)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner, Blog-style

We desperately need a new posting and I realized that a week from tomorrow is our national feast holiday. So, I'm inviting you to Thanksgiving Dinner on our blog. I'm bringing broccoli/cheese casserole and pumpkin pie, because they're really the only things I'm capable of making. I'm also going to bring my insecurity issues as regards my dissertation and a refusal to get along with at least one person, so that everyone else feels like they're walking on eggshells. I think that person will be Fezziwig who, though a dog, has personish tendencies and will undoubtedly grovel. Next?

Alright. I'll be there with the Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce, the sweet potato gnocchi in brown butter, and a bottle of Three-Buck Chuck. Also, I'll be bringing the half-baked, misinformed, drunken political ramblings and a sense of righteous indignation about the American consumerism that plagues the holiday season (which I will mainly discuss in between telling everyone about the awesome electronic gifts I found for my parents and the sale decorations I picked up at Cost Plus). Additionally, I will probably take Fezziwig's side, but secretly, so relations will still feel unbearably awkward and no one will be quite sure where the alliances lie.

My mom. She will do the dishes. Why? B/c she has a dishwasher.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"The Angry Electorate... Unleashing Sweeping Change"

Ah, Election Tuesday. Brian Williams is in excellent voice tonight and every channel is covering the elections in flamboyant style. They're turning the elections into a thing deserving to be memorialized in Shakesperean drama. No rock will go unturned... no point of minutia is too small! Does it bother anyone else that one night every two years the media spends time covering our government in a disturbingly thorough way but spends most of the rest of the year talking about Madonna adopting an African child or issues like abortion and bird flu, which have no answers? That bothers me. It bothers me that our country is broken. Our government is broken. And these things aren't broken beyond repair and they haven't been broken by the American people; they've been broken by the career politicians that Americans blindly trusted and voted into office; they've been broken by the divisive tactics of people like Karl Rove and his ilk. None of this has to do with Democrat or Republican, it has to do with spending more time finding commonalities, not focusing on our differences.

I think I'm ready to be Swiss. At least they have hot chocolate.

I don't want this to instigate a full-on political discussion, as this blog is meant to be anything BUT serious. But I just can't help but reflect on my country today... and rejoice in the fact that in just a few short hours all of the miserable, mud-slinging campaign ads will be a thing of the past and I can start crying over Hallmark commercials again and thinking about the pleasant time of the year that comes after this misery. And let me encourage you all to give to "Toys for Tots" this year... last year they only got enough donations to give to half of the children they wanted to, and that makes me sad. 'Tis the Season.