Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I had forgotten about childhood and other sundries.

I sadly have not dropped off the face of the earth, I've just been assembling baby furniture. I somehow failed to recall despite the very long and shared experience of assembling that Barbie Corevette with my sister years ago that most childhood items seem to have "some assembly required". The good news? The good news is that most assemble it yourself furniture now comes with it's own allen wrench and bolt tightener. What they don't seem to have is the plethora of batteries it takes to make each thing do their "thang". Yes, I just finished assembling one item that require 3 C batteries only to assemble another item that need 2 AA and 1 D battery. It's a conspiracy I tell you! I just know it is. Just like I know I'm going to get a nasty note from the recycling guy telling me I can't put anything larger than a pizza box in the recycling including a pizza box, because that actually goes in the compostable bin because it has food on it. And yet they take yoghurt and milk containers in the recycling. I don't actually see the difference, but apparently there is one and they monitor those cans pretty closely. Have I mentioned yet that my garbage is actually full of packing foam and I haven't even emptied the household trash yet? No? Well, it is. Worse yet, last week the homeless woman who uses our library to watch videos asked me if I was just fat or pregnant. I wanted to ask her if her unusually large forehead was natural of just plastic (because it looks like plastic or rubber and it's why we call her "forehead lady"). Since I've only managed to gain 20 lbs I don't think I look fat and I'm now less inclined than ever to help her find her stupid Russian ballet videos. The toad. Not to mention my work just hired back the woman I replaced to replace me while I go on maternity leave. This does not make for a comfortable situation if you ask me. Suddenly everyone seems to want my low paying menial job. Fan-tast-ic. However, I'm pretty sure she was let go for incompetence/personality issues and just couldn't hack it at an academic institution because the day she gave her two weeks notice they told her to pack up her stuff and leave and then posted her job position all in the same day. Sounds fishy, n'est pas?

Anyway, I'd attach a clever picture or something to this post, but my internet is down at home AGAIN and Mr. Fix-it doesn't seem concerned enough to do anything about it despite the fact I need it for many things like my weekly medical appointments. Oh no, he's too busy building a pull out for the t.v. that's going to fall over in the first earthquake we have and kill me and our child. He spent a whole day on that. A whole day, and yet there were so many other things he could have been doing like, finishing painting, or putting his clothes away, going to goodwill and dropping stuff off, but no...he set up the two new t.v.'s he just had to have. I didn't want either. So I bought a lamp. HA! Take that! Stupid t.v. is too big for the cabinet anyway. Too big for the room. Too big for me. Piece to total...well you get my feeling on that particular subject.

Mean while, Muni has been oddly reliable and an unusually polite experience of late. Go figure.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chatstravaganza, Part Two

Wingal: Dude, would you really do that in Gum Drop Lane?

boobarella: all the fuck over gum drop lane

boobarella: on the gumdrop palace

boobarella: and the tutti fruti trees

boobarella: in the licorice river

boobarella: on the chocolate bench

boobarella: lol

boobarella: I'm fuckin' matt damon

Wingal: LOL

Wingal: You'll get sugar all over your ass.

boobarella: consider it traction

Wingal: Nice.

boobarella: If the Candy Land King isn't home we'll do it on top of the candy cane table

Wingal: Um... are you talking about you and me now?

boobarella: LOL!


Wingal: I love it.

boobarella: really

boobarella: it never gets old

Wingal: No, it really, really, really doesn't.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My new favorite me.

Such a beautiful night here. The moon is almost full and the lake is dead calm. Not to cold out but you can smell the fireplaces (yes the city does have a few if you can believe it). A cool night like this calls for a sexy wine and this is my new favorite.

A new house wine maybe? Very simply, it's called Monastrell No1 2007 ($12) and it is 100% Monastrell from the Valencia region in Spain. It is a beautiful garnet color with a deep purple ring and a dark moody taste like me. There's plums and coffee and black berries. It's a full bodied and kinda complicated wine.

Holy crap, it's the wine version of me.

There were only 1500 cases made for U.S. comsumption, so get it before you find it taken by that old guy in the english department who has a prediliction for young women..err, umm I mean young wines.

So if you were a wine, what would you be?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wingal: If I hadn't acted half-lesbian on your comments, NONE of this would be happening.

boobarealla: well yes

boobarella: and see we are powerful

boobarealla: when we get together you get a piece of ass

boobarealla: wait

Wingal: Wow. It's true. This is proof.

boobarealla: that sounded odd

Birth of a Vixen

Y'all. So, we know that Wingal has a new gig that's taking her to new digs in the East. We also know that her Brigadoon is just begging to be blogged once she arrives there. And, judging from the general state of her life at the moment, it's very possible that the Margarita Girls' newest Vixen is going to be reborn in so many other ways that will require recording. Like a caterpillar into a butterfly, our girl seems to be coming into her own lately in a very powerful, compelling, and perfect-for-the-blogosphere kind of way.

Thus it's time for a new blog and a new blog identity. She is open to suggestion. Er, suggestions. Let the crazy begin.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I nominate Reese Witherspoon as an honorary Midnight Margarita.

Monday, March 02, 2009

boobarella and Wingal: Textravaganza!

boobarella: Am retard & now watching the bachelor in emergency brain hurts. (Mon, Mar 2, 7:31 pm)

Wingal: WTF?! Are u ok?! (7:32 pm)

boobarella: Brownie accident. Brownies won (7:33 pm)

Wingal: I am so confused... Did u use the bread knife again? (7:35 pm)

boobarella: Nope...steak knife this time. Stabbed my hand, am tard (7:40)

Wingal: OMG! Not too bad i hope? Not going for stigmata? Ripped like jesus! (7:43 pm)

boobarella: Not too bad, just kinda deep. Also need shot b/c brownies cause tetanus (7:46 pm)


boobarella: Dr way hot... hot hot hot (8:30 pm)

Wingal: Is he single?! Say something about how good u usually are w/ ur hands. (8:33 pm)

boobarella: I asked if I could take two pinot noirs for pain...i think he thinks i meant glasses (8:35 pm)

Wingal: Well he doesn't know u honey... He's not our kind. (8:37 pm)

boobarella: He is cute thus he is our kind (8:39 pm)

Wingal: Throw a bag over him and come visit me. I'll make the brownies. The special ones. (8:41 pm)