Saturday, February 17, 2007

Calling All Crazy Dawg Ladeez

Okay 'Fess up.
Am I the ONLY one who takes my puppy to dawgie daycare? Really?

Well, yes, I probably am. What does this say about me? I'm opening this up for discussion. Because I'm concerned. But not enough to stop.

Dudes, LOOK at this face:


Wingal said...

Okay, it IS a little weird, but it just means you're treating your dog like she's your child... and you're on a blog with at least three other people who act that way with their animals, so you're good.

But I'm confused... does this mean that I can click on that web-cam thing and check in on Lila during the week? And then I'll start getting as attached to her as you are? Is that how that works? She's going to end up with four mothers checking on her! Well, one mother and three aunts...

Jenny said...

It all circles back to Practical Magic, after all, doesn't it? One of these midnights, the four of us will find ourselves walking around a kitchen with our many pets, drinking margaritas and casting spells on various men.

So, actually, if you click on that link on any FRIDAY (because I'm not crazy enough or rich enough to take her every day), you might find Lila running around. Mostly you'll be able to tell who she is based on her little white feet flashing by. It's very cute.

Even if she's not there, if you're a dawg person, you'll probably get hooked. That dawgie cam is like crack for dawg people.

Just to clarify, I really just take her for socialization. Also, after she's been at daycare instead of in her cage for eight hours, she's pooped for DAYS. It's fabulous.

But I still feel like an idiot saying I take my dog to doggie daycare. And I still wish some of you did too.

Boobarella said...

Are you kidding?! My boys would go everyday if I could afford it!! Cripes, Fez doesn't even walk down the stairs here for fear he will sprain his ankle again!

Wingal said...

Y'know, dawgie-cam is possible because dawgies do things. Cedric-cam would just be a picture of an immovable, grey, fat ass... with the occasional stretch and irritated, slightly-starved grunt. Who would watch that?

Wingal said...
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Jenny said...

I would watch Cedric-cam. I would. I love Cedric. I love how he...doesn't do stuff. He's the best.