Thursday, May 31, 2007

rant from my sick bed

I need to get this off my gianormous chest: that guy who got on the 7 flights knowing full well that he has drug resistant TB is a DOUCHE BAG. What the fuck is your problem Andrew Speaker, 31, lawyer from Atlanta, GA that you had to get on not one, not 2, but 7 goddamn flights and make all those people potentially very very sick??? I feel like shit with my annual summer cold (seriously I have no idea why I get sick in the summer) and I read this story and I think oh my god, was I on a plane with this guy, then remembering that I haven't left the state in a few months I popped a few more Nyquil Gel Caps and fell in to a dreamless sleep.

But wait! There's more! Turns out that Andrew Speaker, 31, lawyer from Atlanta, GA has a relative that works with the Center for Infectious Diseases! And not a distant relative, his father-in-law. What does he work on specifically you ask? He is a microbiologist who has conducted research on tuberculosis.

Again, Andrew Speaker, I ask WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING???


sam said...

As I mentioned to my husband last night...Anyone who puts others willingly at risk should be euthanized and rightfully so.

Boobarella said...


Wingal said...

I think that maybe he's originally from St. Louis.

And, while it's not an excuse for his idiocy, it DOES go a long way towards an explanation for it...

Jenny said...

Crazy bastard.

Anonymous said...

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