Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Sweet Mother of Merlin...

Not to labor over long on the topic of Felicia Nimue, but I have no choice but to share this with you all... Jenny has only ever heard of FNA's oddities, while the rest of us have had the pleasure of witnessing some of them first-hand. My quest was to find a picture of the elusive subterranean lifeform, but instead I found THIS.

Who knew she was so prolific? Who knew her letters to the Editor would kick my ass? (Do read them.)

Who knew she'd been published in PLAYGIRL?


boobarella said...

her letters are good, but the bloggers line is better:

"We search Nexis like Kuala Lumpur populates its slums: poorly. "

that had me laughing out loud.

boobarella said...


"Well, I'm not and I don't. I cheer for the cloned mules and for the triumph of
human ingenuity."

boobarella said...

This is one of my favorite parts:

"The writer is a professor of philosophy at Brown University."

boobarella said...

Okay, last post...this blog is great, I think may be come a new fav.

Wingal said...

Yes, I agree, though oftentimes the commenters are obnoxious, pretentious snobs.... obviously, true Ivy kids.

But FNA... she's just so much wittier than one would expect from someone who wears circus tents and headresses, legally changed her middle name to that of a character from Arthurian legend, and represents herself on the Brown website with a picture of her cat. I love academics!