Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PSSWR for Two

Not to rub it in (well, actually, maybe to rub it in a little), but Boobarella is taking a runaway train--possibly one that's never coming back--to visit Wingal for an extended weekend. And she's having Bully Hill ship libations to Wingal's new and improved door. There will be drinking on the futon, drinking on the new KSoFF, drinking on the balcony, and drinking out at the Missouri wineries. And when there isn't any drinking going on, there's a real possibility that there will be sleeping, eating (bacon!), and non-furniture shopping (i.e. shopping for the sake of flirting with the salesman). If there's a God there may also be socializing with Adonis if it can possibly be arranged (Wingal's working on that project tomorrow).

It's just going to be a kick-ass weekend. And oh how I wish the other Margarita Girls could be here too!

Boobarella's going to take and post pictures of the new Wingal abode on the blog. We will write a couple entertaining entries. And we've discussed the possibility of t-shirts. It's going to be a very unproductive weekend.



boobarella said...

I just finished a bottle of Dirty Parrot and I can't wait to have more!

boobarella said...

Oh yeah! Also Wingal and I will be tasting and posting about 2 new Bully Hill wines that are coming our way. A Sweet Walter Rose and Farmers Market Rose. Dustin, who I believe was one of the tasters that hid form us when we were there, tells me they're good and that the Sweet Walter is a good add in for a brownie mix (in place of the water).

boobarella said...

And also...check this out: