Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion 101

These jeans are too tight

These are muumuus.

Pants being too tight is not fashionable, it means your pants are too tight.
House dresses are called house dresses b/c they are meant to be worn IN THE HOUSE.

Thank you.


Dr. V (Wingal) said...

For Homecoming I'm totally going to wear a muu-muu with tight jeans.

And I will be "on trend," yo.

Jenny said...

I'd say, that puts you right on the edge of fashion. Don't hurt yourself.

sam said...

apparently, according to our local news, tight jeans can lead to some disorder where your legs go numb more perminently if you ignore the first few signs of numbness due to blood flow loss. Not to mention both tight jeans and mumu's make everyone look fat!

Dr. V (Wingal) said...

Holla, Samantha. Holla.