Friday, August 10, 2007

Birth Announcement

On Thursday, August 9, 2007, at approximately 4:36 p.m. Wingal was pleased to deliver into this world a healthy, 41-paged dissertation chapter. The child of her genius--affectionately referred to as "Adam"--is only 3 pages premature, requiring a minor 3-page insertion somewhere near his introduction (the procedure is scheduled to take place early next week, after Mother has recovered sufficiently from the delivery).

In other news, Wingal plans on beginning work on her second child some time later next week. As Mother's gestation periods are unusually short, she hopes to deliver "Benjamin" into the world sometime before the conclusion of this month.

And yes, Wingal's chapters are being named after the 7 backwoodsmen of one of her favorite musicals.... all except for the 8th and final dissertation chapter, whom she intends to name "Fin".


boobarella said...

Adam is beautiful! And he has your eyes!

Wait...does this mean that Moonraiser is the father??

Wingal said...

Oh, no... this is a miraculous birth... the sort of which (among our acquaintance) ONLY I am capable...

Which just sort of makes "Adam" all that more appropriate of a name for him, dontcha think? Theologically speaking?

Jenny said...

I don't like all the "slut" cracks going on around here lately.

But, I think this calls for a "YAY!" anyway.