Monday, January 14, 2008

15 Minutes of Total Boredom

Alright, I need us all to get a little more on the ball with our neglected Midnight Margaritas blog. Except for Erika, who is doing a decent job. I am now an Etsy fan.

So I have been forced to start coming in 15 minutes earlier to work in the mornings for the rest of my forseeable future here, and it doesn't mean that I get to leave 15minutes later. No. It means that I get to have 15 more minutes of lunch. Which pisses me off. Why the hell do I have to sit here for 15 additional minutes every single day during which I accomplish exactly nothing job-related? And no - I refuse to end lunch early. I have my pride.

And that brings me to Midnight Margaritas. I need something to read. Something entertaining and challenging in the way only you ladies can be challenging. Something about muni or Felicia Nimue or gay people. Or possibly all three at once. What an ambitious post that would be!

Is anyone there? Sam, is California still attached to the rest of the continent? Erika, did you have a fun birthday involving lots of chickens? And Laura...once again, the silence of the internet begs the question: Where is Laura? Is she at home? Has a poisonous fog emanated from her dissertation and caused her to collapse in agony on her office floor? (And if so, can we hear the full story?)

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boobarella said...

Oh thank goodness! I was starting to wonder where everyone went!