Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sky is Falling!

In the midst of our lovely California weather...rain every day...numerous things have been dropping out of the sky onto my head in a rather unpleasant fashion. I don't know what god has marked me out as the celestial target of choice, but I'm tired of washing my hair!!

Incidently I just want you all to know that bird poo is lucky. No one wants to get near you, no one wants to touch you, and everyone feels sorry for you. Hence it's lucky. Somehow Muni instictively knew I got clobbered by a pack of wild birds outside the public library and sent an N right away to pick me up with no one on it. Wow. Now that's service. I mean, I wan't even waiting more than 45 secords, my co-worker barely had time to pull the poo out of my hair with a tissue! (What a friend! Definately a keeper!) However, I'm not exactly sure dirt and rust dripping from the ceiling onto my head was so lucky. In fact I think it felt rather toxic and burned my scalp. But I do have a vivid imagination and it might not have been the asbestos...Nothing good happened other than watching 9 new drips open up like a faucet in the new museum/former library that sounded like a Stomp concert. It was kind of like my own private revenge set to music. And now it's raining...again...like it has done for the last two weeks. At least I haven't been hit by any item from the space station yet, toilet seat or not.


Wingal said...

Tuesday St. Louis enjoyed biblical weather. It was 70 degrees when I left my house at 11:30; it was 48 degrees with hurricane-force winds at 2:45; and by 4:00 it was 30 degrees and snowing.


And it's snowing again, incidentally, right at this moment. I'm waiting for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Their timing would be impeccable... since it would mean that I wouldn't have to finish my dissertation...

Sorry about your bird poo... um... yeah.

boobarella said...

the weather channel has forecasted locusts for Saturday in St. Louis.