Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jesus Christ! Superstars!!

It was a dark but not even remotely stormy night. I was trying to fall asleep on my futon, mind racing from a day spent freaking the hell out about my dissertation. Basking in the pale green glow of the shamrock lights that adorned my livingroom windows, I lazily flipped channels in an effort to lull myself into sleep-mode. A slip of the finger [read: klutzy moment] and suddenly I had dropped my remote whilst simultaneously (and Oh-so accidentally) turning on the RELIGIOUS channel... the home-access type religious channel. In a panic I groped around on the floor (finding only dust-bunnies), desperate to save myself from "SAVING" myself, when my eye caught on the phrase "Ann Bancroft as Mary Magdalene." I was irrevocably glued. Do you have ANY idea how many fantastic movie stars appeared in Zefferelli's "Jesus of Nazareth"????? It's positively shocking. Go to IMDB and see for yourselves.

Honestly, I just watched the opening credits, jaw ajar; but still, it's completely insane. Even Mel Gibson couldn't get that many famous people to be in a Jesus movie.

Ultimately, I was NOT going to be falling asleep to bitching Pharisees, whining Judas, and a somber and morose Christ... or that ridiculous actor who I really hate but can never remember the name of who played John the Baptist. Instead, I put on a CD of Henry Rollins and fell asleep to his dulcet tones. Pleasant dreams naturally ensued thereafter.


boobarella said...

I enjoy that woman named "Hussey" plays the Virgin Mary. Now that is some wonderful irony

Jenny said...

One of the Hussey girls plays the Virign Mary? That's my kinda virgin, dude.