Tuesday, March 04, 2008

why God exists

My main job here anymore seems to be offering up other websites for my bitches to enjoy. I think it's because I have only a very limited set of ideas and I must use them all on my own blog because otherwise I won't have a blog. And how terrible would that be. So here's a list of arguments for the existance (existence? Why can I suddenly not spell this?) of God that I think is awesome (the very awesomeness of it proving that God exists because only He could create such awesomeness.)

Have fun reading this out loud to passersby while you should be working!


boobarella said...

Flabble glurk zoom boink blubba snurgleschnortz ping!

Jenny said...


Wingal said...

(1) I have not yet committed suicide from the stress of writing my dissertation
(2) Only some power greater than myself could be preventing me from justifiably ceasing my misery by self-destruction.
(3) Therefore, God exists.

(1) I miraculously joined a sorority/moved into a crummy Elm Street apartment/ went to a Goliard party
(2) As a result of said activity I unexpectedly befriended Jenny/ Boobarella/ Samantha
(3) Their friendships have contributed to my ability to survive intense stress and lunacy
(4) Their friendships were therefore not merely by chance but because of an inherent need for them, specifically, to be my friends
(5) Something other than myself knew of this need and put me in the way of their friendships
(6) That something could only have been omniscient and outside of myself
(7) Therefore, God exists