Saturday, June 21, 2008


Aloha, ladies! YES, I am still in Hawaii. I'm coming back on Monday after three weeks on the Big Island. I have fabulous tales of mongeese and awa ceremonies, volcanoes and poi, frozen chalices of beer and sunrise chanting down by the ocean. And also I think we should have a PSSWR Hawaii someday. Maybe not soon. But someday.

I'm sitting at a folding table in the dark upstairs loft at Halawa House, which is where the students, T.A.s, and project directors are living. Currently, I am mildly intoxicated, as we had our end-of-the-project barbeque tonight. Someone made me have whiskey. And what I think was suntan lotion. The students (and co-project director) are down in the macadamia nut orchard below the house doing whatever it is that they're doing down there. In the rain. And, since I am no less than four years older than the oldest person down there and at least eight years older than most everyone else, I have opted to wuss out for the remainder of the night.

Here I am.


boobarella said...

jealous jealous jealous.

Wingal said...

Brag all you want... I'm in St. Louis. But I'm spending New Year's in SAN FRANCISCO!!

boobarella said...

And St. Louis must have views of Lake Michigan by now with all the flooding.