Tuesday, October 07, 2008

JENNY!!!! It's Your Birthday, It's Your Birthday...

A little early, perhaps, but I've got a busy couple of days ahead of me, so I just wanted to post my tribute to Jennifer June DeJongh... another year older as of 9 October.

Happy Birthday, Jenny. If I could, I'd give you

The best of both worlds, really... cake AND shoes.

Or, if dreams really could come true, I'd wish you:

Particularly the raining shoes, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind the new car.

I can't say that the gift is in the mail yet; however, it's in the works and will likely hit the USPS at some time in the next week. Finishing touches, you know, and more auditory material to drive Raphael crazy for awhile.

If I were there, we would share

...at LEAST that many of them...

And we'd likely share many more

But until we meet again, know that I'm wishing you a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

And I love you.


boobarella said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll raise a glass to you tonight, and one tomorrow, and an aspirin on Friday to help with all the celebrating! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

sam said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Jenny! Though it's still early yet, it never hurts to celebrate! I will be thinking of you as I raise my glass!

Jenny said...

Yay birthday! Thank you all! I will toast you as well tonight!