Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Wine I Am Drinking. And Drinking. And Drinking.

I am currently drinking (and am very nearly drunk on as well because the chili is taking a godawful amount of time to be ready) the delightful 2006 Folie a Deux Menage a Trois, a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet. We initially bought this wine for the funny name (while visiting my grandmother - of course) and return to it regularly. For the funny name. And also for the very decent price (regularly about twelve dollars and usually on sale at Safeway for about nine). But mainly for its absolutely yummy deliciousness. Pardon my ignorance of wine-speak.

"Carmelized peaches!" Raphael declared tonight. "Tastes like autumn! I'm a Menage a Trois kind of guy!" Not being much of a wine describer myself and also being a little tipsy, I can personally say that this seems fairly accurate - as I am sitting here enjoying my Menage a Trois, I am experiencing a taste sensation that includes a bright, fruity sort of flavor and something sort of burned and caramelly at the end. All of this could be based on a psychological reaction to Raphael's intital comments, of course, so take from this what you will. In any case, this is a gorgeously lush and yummy wine that is best served with a dinner of grocery-store-roasted chicken, salad, and homemade cookies with small-town Massachusetts-grocery-store-brand-ice cream in your grandmother's poorly-lit kitchen. And also everywhere else.

Anyway, I'm a fan.

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boobarella said...

I love Menage a Trois! The wine that is... I also bought it b/c of the name! And Raphael is right, it does taste like autumn!

now I want some...