Friday, November 07, 2008

For Love Or German Engineering?

Actually I'm quite certain it's love considering I'm not actually car shopping. I am furniture shopping though, which is fun and immensly less expensive than a brand new car and quite frankly I'm tired of picking that bleeping comforter off the floor every morning! Besides we have to get all the clothes into one room now and I might, horror of horrors, have to finally share a closet! [Shock! Gasp! Arg!] Or we could just purchase a wardrobe and in my free time I could check out Narnia...

Honestly, I wish I had some really solid news to report upon my pregnant-ness, but it's too early to say whether it's a boy or a girl yet. What I can tell you is that I will not be going to Medieval Congress as Baby M (because it's going to be an M name either way) is going to be born around April 30th. Honestly, it just hasn't been the same going to a bar or coffee shop and getting a Shirley Temple or a Decaf Latte. I also am missing actual brie cheese (not pasturized), sushi, lunch meat, diet coke, and gin. Pretty much in that order too. For some reason the smell of wine is not exactly enticing right now. I have yet to gain weight, but have gone up one pant size already and for the last few days I thought I was in serious trouble until I realized that I'm not loosing anything, that's just the baby kicking (which incidently is really weird feeling and unfortunately frequent).

All in all, I and Baby M are fine and everyone from family to work seems to be super excited, especally from work which is much more than I expected considering the last time anyone at my place of employment was pregnant was twenty some years ago. Everyone has been very supportive, even Baby Puppy who's taken to snuggling like it's an olympic sport. After all, he was the first one to figure out I was pregnant. He knew before I knew and began snuggling then. I tell you, I'm the object of a snuggling marathon! Baby Puppy accepted my husband, I'm sure he'll accept Baby M with a little coaching and equal lap space time.

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Wingal said...

I am fifty kinds of going to Narnia with you, if you get that wardrobe. And I look forward to a detailed, graphic description of just exactly what that baby-kicking thing feels like... I've always wondered. This is so exciting!