Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Second President

I thought it was just me and Chef. I thought we were the only big old geeks to love, and I mean LOVE, the HBO mini-series John Adams. But then award season came and Paul Giamatti and Laura Linny and others from the cast have been reaping the benefits. Really, please, see this. Rent it buy it steal it I don't care, JUST SEE IT. Do you need to borrow my copy of the DVDs? I'll ship it to you.

We bought and watched the series on DVD last summer. Hope was not the democratic nominee and merely a glimmer in our eyes and hearts. We plugged in John Adams and found ourselves yelling "THAT IS HOW YOU PRESIDENT!" at the TV.

Tom Wilkinson, playing the 18th century's answer to Bill Clinton, (both incredible statesmen, both shrewd politicians, both have a thing for the chubby girls) has received a few (well deserved) awards as well. And really, this will make you appreciate dirty old men even more than you did before.

And when Alexander Hamilton looks like this:

I mean, how can you really argue with me? Seriously, go watch this now. I'll wait here for your thanks and praise.

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Jenn Sutherland said...

We may just have to borrow those DVDs from you...I do love Tom Wilkinson, and with a Hamilton with *those* eyes?! Mmmmmm...