Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Shoes I Am Wearing

An agreement made long, long ago... in the Before-time. Can't really remember the why or how, exactly, all I know is that I have paid off my bet and Jenny is now in a position to buy her damn shoes.

And I didn't even have to resort to prostitution. This time.

But if Jenny gets shoes, shouldn't I? Shouldn't I, too, mark this occasion with foot candy? After much consideration (which is to say virtually none, for who really needs to give long, drawn-out consideration to the act or necessity of buying shoes?), I decided a major purchase should be made. And the best kind of purchase, too... the totally impractical kind.

Meet Arturo Chiang's Vintage Copper Snake Iman:

Aren't they beautiful? Regularly $110.00, but I got them on a little bit of a sale... and then an additional 30% off. I have spent entirely too much time admiring them and will be searching for excuses to wear them... not much call for flashy four-inch heels in the average college classroom, but I'm sure I can rationalize them at least once before the end of the year.

One problem, though: the care instructions say to keep them away from intense heat... and we know I'm almost entirely composed of hotness. A risk worth taking, however... because these are friggin' gorgeous.

I expect a similar post from Jenny. *ahem*ahem*ahem*

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Jenny said...

Wowzah! Those ARE very sexy and snakey - all at once! They give me a lot to aspire to. Raphael thinks I should go with running shoes, which I actually NEED, but I think my fitty calls for another kind of shoe. No worries - I've begun the hunt...