Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Trek

Excuse me a moment while I wax poetic about Star Trek

There are few sounds in this universe that illicit an emotional response from me like that of the dulcet opening tones of a lone french horn.  Like the familiar smells of a mother's home cooking, those were the sounds that welcomed us back to the 23rd century.  

It is a different cast; this is not your mom's James T. Kirk.  Christopher Pine has that rash quickness that the Shatner/Kirk of the original series did; not like the campy Kirk of movies 3-6. Pine kicked ass, took names, and nailed a green chick in minute 20.  Truly, you watched him kick some ass in an IA bar and thought, yeah that would work and I would have still taken his bloody ass home and screwed him b/c he's Kirk and jesus who wouldn't hit that?  Kirk is still very much King Arthur: dashing & rash yet able to save the world and instill faith in the empire.

They were all there: Sulu, Chechov, Uhura, Spock, Scotty, the ship's computer....Majel recorded it 2 weeks before she died.  But Bones!  OH!  Now that was a character study.  Part of the problem with doing a movie like this is we all over the old guys and know how they should sound and act.  So you have these people stuck between recreating the characters but staying true to themselves and yet having to reflect what has been done and the styles of those before them. DeForest Kelley created the cantankerous old bastard, and Karl Urban did him a fine tribute.  

But really, the best parts were the wee nuggets and inside jokes that the producers/director left in for the true fans.  The guy in the red suit bites it just when he should, Sulu fencing, the Kobayashi Maru,  and catch phrases galore. 

Also, best use of Beastie Boys "Sabotage" in a movie. Ever. 

Oh, and Spock gets some ass.


Wingal said...

I would totally do Bones.

Wait... okay, that's just funny, now that I've written it.

Wingal said...

Also, how weird is it that I found Bones and Spock the hottest? And Kirk not at all? Oh, and Chekov is adorable. ADORABLE! I want to take him home with me and have him speak long sentences containing lots of V's!