Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PSSWR: Deliverance... Tuesday's Quotes

During the Drive and at the Inn:

"Boobarella... Do you have to pee?" - improvised Tom-Tom voice

"Ooo, Perkins... they have Mammoth Muffins." - Wingal
"So do I." - boobarella

"I've got sugar between my thighs!" - Wingal

"Am I gonna let you lean over me, put your tits in my face, and move it? NO!" - boobarella to Wingal

"I love how there are crackers and wrappers all over the floor." - boobarella
"Crackers and Rappers?" - Wingal

"Hey, I can swallow it... it's not a taste issue, it's a texture issue." - Wingal (on pasta)

Pre-Drive Texting about Tom-Tom voices:

"The voice is Mandy. Dave sounded like a smug bastard" - Wingal
"I want to hear Dave b/c he might be good if we are men bashing." - boobarella
"There's also a voice named Dick... er, Richard." - Wingal
"Dick! Yes!" - boobarella
"He's very computery." - Wingal
"Blah, I want Ricardo Montalban." - boobarella
"That might cause lots of accidents for, um, distracted female drivers." - Wingal
"Can you imagine: 'my darling, take a left in about, say, 300 feet." - boobarella
**drives off road** - Wingal
"'My darling, you seemed to have changed routes, let me recalculate for you while you regain your composure.'" - boobarella

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