Thursday, June 04, 2009

PSSWR: Deliverance... Wednesday's Quotes

"I paid for my whore... I flew her in, I put her up, I'm gonna feed her ass... she is MINE." - Wingal re: boobarella

"He's a tool. He's an awl. You know... one of those tools everyone has but nobody knows what it's for?" - boobarella

"Then we can turn her on and take her back to the motel." - re: Mandy the Tom-Tom voice

"You know you want to belong to the Church of Fried Chicken." - Wingal
"Yes... because the offering comes in Crispy or Original Recipe." - boobarella

"I'm just a tubby white girl from Upstate New York with no rhythm and who can apparently kill Mothra." - boobarella
"That should be on your resume." - Wingal

"If I get on-campus housing, you are NOT peeing in the woods... you're gonna use indoor plumbing and you're gonna like it." - Wingal

Seen Near Lynchburg:

That's right... it's a shirtless guy driving a riding lawnmower with a trailer holding a wheelchair. On a main thoroughfare. Welcome home, Wingal... welcome home.

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