Monday, January 04, 2010

Baby Envy and Toy Confusion or A Tale of Woe by Three Dachshunds

I realize it's been ages since I actually posted anything, but to be honest I haven't actually ridden Muni in almost 9 months now. Don't get me wrong, just because I'm not riding the Muni doesn't mean I don't have issues, it's just they aren't all that impressive anymore. So on to the story!

We actually thought my mom's dog Gunther was going to have issue with the new baby, due to his past before he was rescued, but by all accounts he was quite content lurking beneith the high chair waiting for the teething biscuits to drop. The dog with the actual issue was Reggie. She was mortified that we brought something so cute and helpless into her house. She barked and growled and showed signs of great distress when we fed M with a spoon. Jealosy quickly rose up. "What is this?" thought Reggie, "a new Princess? Off with her head!" To make matters worse M got more dresses than Reggie for christmas, had nicer toys, and had a bigger crate (playpen). Someone was not happy and spent most of her time barking at the new Princess in her "crate" playing with all her toys. It was certainly quieter when we returned home.

When we returned home Clifford had no issues. He didn't even bat an eye lash when M scootched across the floor on her rear to his toy basket and pulled out all the dog toys and began to play with them. The only toy confusion on Clifford's part was when a Great Uncle gave M a "Tickle Me Elmo" doll. M loved it, Clifford thought it was great and there has been much sharing of the Elmo doll. Elmo starts in the living room, ends up in the dining room, back to the nursry, back to the dining room. Elmo in his few short hours with us has seen a lot of the house. He now resides on the dining room table. No wonder he was the "IT" toy when he first came out! But that's the thing about baby toys, they are not all that much different than dog toys. They are both plush, usually have a squeeker or mechanical thing inside them, and are roughly the same size. Go figure. Though this doesn't quite explain my daughter's facination, despite my opposition, with the raw hide chew toys on the floor. Perhaps it's a teething thing. But again, Clifford is willing to share despite it all.

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Dr. V (Wingal) said...

Raw hide IS very fascinating. And maybe she was a cowgirl in a past life...

Btw, thought of Clifford while I was home for Christmas because my parents' puppy, Scooter, also has rock star hair. Together they could be Page and Plant! Or possibly Scooter would be the Jay Jay French to Clifford's Dee Snider. Either way, we have the makings of a doggy hair-band, baby.