Saturday, January 09, 2010

Desperately Needing PSSWR 2010

(Yes, that IS Thomas Jefferson with a bottle of Virginia wine.)

Dr. V has, admittedly, been checked-out of things for awhile now. The "big-girl" job (as boobarella calls it) has kept me busy and has left me feeling conflicted... simultaneously happy and miserable. My mother once said that, like our grandfather, most of the children in our family aren't satisfied unless we're chasing a rainbow. Not only have I found the end of my rainbow, but I've discovered that it ends at a rural Walmart (quite literally, though that's a meteorological story for another time). I've been trying to think of another rainbow to chase, but God only knows the next one will end at a Sam's Club and I will hang myself from the nearest Tractor Supply store.

There are things about rural life that I absolutely adore, but the frequent loneliness and boredom caused by my isolated location tires me out sometimes... not to mention that I tend to suffer from an inability to focus on my research when I feel so damn tired and alone. I've nearly succumbed to an inexplicable desire to read young adult literature on multiple occasions and I'm not sure I can keep "Twilight"s beckoning ridiculousness at bay much longer. Which is why I decided that it's time to remind you all of the event I gratefully look forward to more with each passing day.

PSSWR 2010: Virginana (May 26-whenever).

Now is the time, ladies, to consider booking your plane tickets. Whether you fly into Lynchburg, Charlottesville, or Richmond, we will find a way to make arrangements for your transport from the airport to Brigadoon. Several of my colleagues know of and are enthusiastically anticipating your arrival, and I'm hoping to have purchased my king-cab pick-up truck by then (the better to haul you all around with). I'll be reserving the boathouse for a Friday night party and it's possible that we'll be able to occupy two living spaces on campus (if one of my friends is out of town, she's offered her house to us). It is also possible that one of my students will be living across the street from and working on a project with me for part of the summer, but if that's the case, it just means we'll have a wine minion.

I'm kidding.

Sort of.

But a Pool Boy would certainly be nice, if one of you could arrange for one.

And I'm not kidding.

Anyway... so, who is definitely in and how shall we begin the travel planning? Honestly, I wish you were all coming yesterday.

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