Thursday, September 02, 2010

Needs Improvement.

Bad bloggers! We have been terrible! We have this wonderful blog and what do we do? Ignore it and just treat it like a ginger kid.

Really there is no excuse.

Since I am now living the single life as Chef & Mooch have relocated to South Manitoba I am going to be blogging the hell out of things. First up, my horrific attempts at cooking.

The world's saddest spaghetti sauce

The world's saddest chicken pot pie

Recipe for a delicious dinner


Jenny said...

Okay. A. Why is Chef in South Manitoba? And B. What kind of Haagen Dazs is that?

Oh, and C. Where IS South Manitoba and why can't he commute to cook for you?

Jenny said...

OH! And D.! Yay! Someone wrote on the blog!

theswain said...

Jenny Jenny Jenny whom I have never met: Mooch and I work in S Manitoba now, having received one them thar tenure track job thingys. So Poor Boobarella is 12 hours away and that's a long commute for a wee bit of cooking. South Manitoba....uh, locate where Boobarella is, look north on map, then slightly to the West.