Sunday, September 05, 2010

When we last left Boobarella....

Jenny's comments on the last entry made me realize that I may have forgot to share some things about what has been happening up here.

Chef got a job in the Great White North, slightly south of Valhalla and west of the Land of Ice & Snow.

Since we really couldn't pass up this opportunity for Chef and there were no jobs in South Manitoba for me, the other two pugs, cat and I remain in our lakeside apartment, 12 hours away. Chef & Mooch loaded up the car we just bought the week previous and headed north on a two-day adventure drive through the cheese forest and into the Lutheran stronghold of South Manitoba. And while they may have been enjoying some cool temperatures up north, I have all the furniture.

Anyway, hence the previous post on some of the world's saddest food. After having Chef here for the last, umm - how long have we been married? - 8 (9??) years cooking for me, I am out of practice. That and when he left, Chef took all the spices except the salt, pepper, and cinnamon.

He also left me a sticky bottle of rice vinegar. I don't even know what that is.

I had vowed not to buy any more meat until I ate all of what was in the freezer, but seriously I don't know what to make of half of it. The chicken was the first to disappear. That one was easy and yielded a few meals. The catfish...that was ok, but far too much for one person and when reheated it was like a fishy pudding mushy blech.

The ground pork was ruined by the world's saddest spaghetti sauce, and the lamb bits turned into a nice stir fry with the purple cabbage I found living in the fridge.

At least I hope that was a cabbage.


Jenny said...

Ah! Now things are starting to make sense. If you need recipes, Boobs, email me! I know what to do with ground pork!

Also, congrats to Chef!



Jenny said...

Also, is Mooch really a Blue Ox? It's not how I pictured him. But it makes the wenis story that much more exciting.

Mary Rose said...

Do Fezzi and Oswin miss their brother? However I'm glad to hear Larry got a job! Even though its near the Great White North.

boobarella said...

It's sad, but really Fez & Os seem like they could care less that Mooch is gone. It's almost like they don't even notice. They have had no behavioral changes at all since Chef & Mooch headed north.