Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Dragons: the Musical"

So let's face folks, there's a lot of people interested in the Middle Ages out there and not all of them have taken the time to, um, do any research on the time period. Sure they've seen "Braveheart", "Camelot", "Willow", and "Legend", but have they ever picked up a book that wasn't fiction? No. Not really.

So there it was, the script of "Dragons: the Musical", staring me in the face. At first I only caught the word "Dragon" which naturally peeked my interest. So I took it out of the box and started flipping through the crumbled and well used pages. The first thing my eyes alighted upon was the word "Charelmagne" as king of the play, the second was "Lancelot", and the third was...and get this..."Cat". Yes there is a part for a singing/talking/and interacting cat in this musical. A musical called "Dragons". Man, what do you do with that kind of information? First thing I thought was "Wow, I've never heard of it, it MUST be really bad." The second thing I thought was "Charlemagne and Lancelot in the same play? Really? They lived 300 years appart at the very least." And then I thought "Wait a minute Lancelot is a figment of some french dudes' imagination so it doesn't really matter where and when he gets placed so it must be okay, right?" And then I thought "Oh what the heck, this is gold! I can't wait to read this thing!!"

And now, dear friends, I impart this wonderful and delightfully corny information on to you--medievalists and non-medievalist alike. It's just too precious to keep to myself. Perhaps it is an excellent play. Perhaps it was underappreciated in '80's and is in need of a serious revival. Perhaps someday, someone will go: "Wait, a singing cat? Really? Gosh darn it all, this play is FANtastic! Let's get a troop together and start touring!!" Besides, I know the PERFECT french dinosaur to play "the Dragon"...and he can sing!!


Wingal said...

I get to be the Cat.

sam said...

You can be the cat, but I get to be king! Man, who wouldn't want to be Charlemagne? Talk about a sucessful, manipulating, conqueror that everone loves! That is unless you're Pope or a Saxon...