Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Better the Crazy You Know, Than the Crazy You Don't

Okay, it's finally getting to me. If I hadn't had to ride home sitting next to the guy who smelled supiciously of skunk or just WAY too much coffee I probably wouldn't be complaining, but I did and so I am. So I got to the elevator this morning and I pressed the button to no avail. This guy shouts from the other elevator "hey, here's one!" and I thought "how nice." Well, it turned out the good samaritan was CRAZY. Yes, he's off to the law library to print something out and then he's going to disbar some laywers and let me tell you, he was way too emphatic about it to be sane! Oh! How I miss the days of Bruce White "hi...this is... Bruce White...Can you..uh...tell me if...uh..Baking Soda Frog Man has been..uh...cataloged yet?" And then he'd call back every 2 hours for the next 3 days asking the same damn question!! The man sounded like he'd had a stroke, but it's just the LSD overdose. Did I mention he was allergic to the sun and never left the house? Now I'm in a city full of them. They lurk around outside and they see me coming. Oh yeah. I must look like a nice person or something. I try not to make eye contact. I hold my breath so I don't have to smell the b.o. or the urine, but they talk to me anyway. Can't avoid it. Light rail passes are a buck fifty. Hang outside Starbucks long enough and you'll get ten times that. Man. I'm just dreading going home tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I knew Bruce White when he went to Kalamazoo College in the late 60s.