Friday, January 26, 2007

PSSWR Revisited

Once upon a time, many posts ago, we discussed the idea of going on a Point-Something Sexybitches Wine-tastic Roadtrip in June. We dwelled upon it, yearned for it, discussed the details of it, and then dropped it!

I officially reinstitute the discussion. Y'all may be employed and not have much time for blogging anymore (and that's okay... good for YOU, being dedicated employees! I'm proud of ya!), but I
want this roadtrip. More importantly, I NEED this roadtrip, ladies. So, if we're still gonna do it, let's get to the planning. And if we're cancelling it... *sniff*... that's okay... *sniff* But it means I'm going to make some kind of other plans for MYself because I NEED something to cling to if I am to remain sane.



Boobarella said...

oh I need this too. For an all toobrief moment I had a full wine rack not much in the way of responsibilities. BUT OH! I went back to school. WHAT WHAT!?!?!? I did indeed. Now I am knee deep in dicussions of library collection practices. SO yes, lets do this. I have a commitment at the end of June in NY, so if you want to do it around then or another time let me know so I can do some planning. We still good for Keuka Lake wineries?

oh and i have have some Bully Hill up here in Chi-town if you want to make a house call....

Anonymous said...

I teach MWF at noon, so any visit from me will have to depend on when we're getting a three day weekend, otherwise I'll only be there for 36 hours and, quite frankly, that's not enough time. But save one of those bottles for me! Whatcha got? Love My Goat? Oh Be Joyful?

As for June, I have a wedding in Nashville on the 30th, so any time before that that would allow me enough time to get to Nashville would be great. Keuka Lake would still be my preference, what with Bully Hill and all. I was converted to a wine drinker on Oh Be Joyful... so I guess you could say that Bully Hill is my Mecca.... I need to go and have a spiritual moment.

Oh, and that wedding in Nashville?

Not mine. :(

sam said...

Ladies, it seems unlikely I'll be able to go, what with only getting 10 days of vacation a year and having already used 4 of them and a husband who won't stop planning vacations that we don't have money for and I don't seem to have time for. If I can find the time I will, but it really seems like I won't be able to attend the brewhaha.

Incidently, Booberella...why are you learning about library collection practices? There really isn't a rhyme or reason to it. It's whatever the profs. order through the liason librarian if there is still money in the budget. Or whatever vender takes you out to the nicest dinner at the ALA conference. Tote bags are a plus too. Magnets get you no where.

Boobarella said...

Sam, can I quote that in my weekly reaction paper? B/c really so far I haven't learned anything surprising form these articles and text books other than there is a librarian running around telling people that the "Dark Ages were from 410 -800." Or at least that's wht he put in his book.
Oh and I learned that not eveyrything on the web is 100% true. and let me tell you I am fucking devistated by that.

sam said...

Oh learned about the internet. Seriously, I thought librarians were keeping that all hush hush. Crap. Now what do I do?

As for the reaction paper just remember. Librarians don't usually know what they are ordering. And unless it's expensive won't discount a prof's request. Unless your the Poobah and you've ordered the same damn book 4 times despite being told the library already has it and no one has EVER checked it out.

Incidently if you are a non profit, you um wait for someone to donate a collection and then decide if it will be useful/you already have it before accepting.

e-mail me if you want real quotes.