Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bowl of plastic combs

Yay! It's picture day!! At my JOB!!

Seriously, we're having picture day. Supprort staff is trying to figure out why they need our pictures since no one ever sees us, we're not allowed to have real business cards, and none of us is smart. A few of us even have "please don't feed the staff" signes on our rectangubles. We like to foster a happy work environment.

Anyway, here's a copy of my department's group photo:


Jenny said...

Hey, I think I KNOW that guy with the four blue eyestalks..

Wingal said...

The yellow one is Boobarella because she enjoys singing, "It's your birtday, it's your birtday, what a great day for your birtday, bock, bock, BOCK!!!"

Scary Red Monster said...

What a bunch of weirdos.