Friday, March 23, 2007

For All the Dog Lu-vuhs

Y'all may have noticed that I have a link on my blog to the "Stuff on My Cat" site, which makes me laugh daily.

As of Monday, they're launching the sister site, Stuff On My Mutt. I immediately thought of all of you and all the little doggies (and soon-to-be-big doggies) I know that undoubtedly end up with stuff on them (because they live with you guys). If I could find a decent "Stuff" picture of Cedric or Abby, I'd submit them; but I have no doubt that you guys will be able to submit pictures of your little lovies, and won't we all be so proud?!

You realize I think of all of your animals as my fuzzy little nephews and neices... weird though that may be.


Boobarella said...

THis will be awesome. Just tonight we had a pug with a moose on his back.

sam said...

Uuuhh...Clifford doesn't get stuff placed on him...okay, there was that time I put my bracelet on his head and made him Oberon and called him "fairy puppy", but you just don't do that to a dog in San Francisco. Furthermore, certain "people" of the male gender were horrified. But that's it I swear it!!

Wingal said...

Well, maybe this will inspire you to put stuff on him! It doesn't have to be big... weren't you going to make him a Welsh dragon costume? They would eat that shit up! And so would I.

Jenny said...

I'm totally putting stuff on my dog tonight.