Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"I HATE MUNI" a little ditty I wrote this morning.

*sing it to the tune of "brother john"

I hate muni, I hate muni,
I'll tell you why, I'll tell you why.
It dropped me off at UCSF, dropped me off at UCSF
No reason why, no reason why.

Waiting for the shuttle, waiting for the shuttle,
shuttle passes by, shuttle passes by.
Says it's not in service, what the F*** does that mean?
Want to scream and cry, want to scream and cry.

Three miles from Van Ness, three miles from Van Ness,
call my husband now, call my husband now.
Wants me to call the grandparents, the 88 year old grandparents.
Thinking of suicide, rather run and hide.

Muni car comes lumbering, muni car comes lumbering,
trucking up the street, trucking up the street.
Says the tunnel's clear now, says the tunnel's clear now,
feeling like sardines, feeling like sardines.

Pushed my way off at Van Ness, pushed my way off at Van Ness,
running down the street, running down the street.
It's a bright and sunny day here, bright and sunny day here,
It was foggy at the beach, foggy at the beach.

Sitting at my computer, sitting at my computer,
finally drinking my tea, finally drinking my tea.
Thinking of buying a bicycle, thinking of buying a bicycle
since my husband drives my car, and his truck's too big to park.

Seven miles from down town, seven miles from down town,
up and down some hills, up and down many hills.
Rethinking the bicycle, definitely axing the bicycle,
I'm stuck with muni now, stuck with muni now.

How's your day going?


Jenny said...

That was *sniff* beautiful.

It makes me feel grateful for Tucson's fabulous but mostly useless highway that runs north-south along the west margin of town, making no real effort to deposit anyone near their actual destination.

sam said...

Uuuuuggg! God help me, I waited 25 minutes last night for the bleeping "N" to come by. And when it finally did, it was a one car "N" train instead of the standard 2 car and I was more smushed last night than this morning! I just want to stress that most of the people on the 6pm cars are all old (wtf? They aren't actually working so why are they using it during peak commuting times?)and most of them are "unwashed" and just plain rude. Humph! I have no problem with old people, just rude, unwashed, cane carrying people who look like they'll hit you over the head if you don't get out of your seat for them!

Boobarella said...


CTA is removing a track this spring and their suggestion for the cranky travelers? Leave earlier or later or take the bus. Fuck you dude. It already takes me an hour to get down town on a good day.

Boobarella said...

There was a story on the Yahoo! News today about France unveiling a new train that goes from Paris to Luxembourg in 2 hours. I thought "wow that is impressive!" Then I realized that it takes me two hours by train to get to O'Hare and that's only about 17 miles from here, and I cried.

sam said...

Honestly, I can drive to the SFO airport in 20 minutes. If I take muni and transfer to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) it takes 2 hours as well. The sad thing, Boobs, is that I have to walk to the Civic Center station (the stop further into the city) in order to get on muni. If I got on at Van Ness, I'd never be able to squeeze on and would be waiting there until the cows came home or the muni cops kicked me out!