Friday, November 09, 2007


On her skills: "I am a thief and an adulterer...and I know how to dance."

On Jesus: "Jesus was our people."

On dreams: "'Do we have a radio and a straw?'...Yes, we did, so i took the radio and put the straw into the radio somehow and blew into it and it was like morse code and my friend the vampire came to rescue us. But he took his time getting there."


Wingal said...

I can't believe you were recording my words without my knowledge... I think that's illegal. And, out of context, all three of those seem utterly bizarre.

Wingal said...

And that Jesus comment was based on the idea that the man could turn water into wine. Seriously, no truer words have been spoken than that Jesus was our people.

Jenny said...

I know. Jesus WAS our people. Word.