Friday, November 09, 2007

Photogenically Challenged

It did not occur to me that people never take normal pictures of me until Laura called tonight, causing me to get out the photo album of the time I went to visit her in St. Louis. Note that in almost all these pictures, you can actually see the demon alcohol that facilitated these scenes.

And there are more.

Oh, there are more.

I would like to go back to that winery.


Wingal said...

You're pretty. And there ARE more, and after I scan them into my computer I'll be posting them.... especially the poopy-tent faced one.

Wingal said...

And you're pretty in all of your pictures... I'm so photogenically challenged that Boobarella's friend's friend apparently took one look and said, "No thank you." But at least I have mad skills. I am a thief and an adulterer... and I know how to dance.

boobarella said...

dork, he did not. I got a chance to talk to UPS Kelly on Tuesday and Bill did like what he saw and said so. But he just started seeing someone and didn't want to do that to either of you. (mostly b/c Kelly would have kicked his ass if he jerked you around)

Wingal said...

Dude, haven't you read my recent quotes? I'm a thief and an adulterer! Yeesh!

: )

I'll just hope for the demise of... well, that's mean. I won't type it. But I'll think it!