Monday, November 26, 2007

Why I will not ever be a children's librarian

So...I was called 'unethical' by several of my archives classmates because I referred to 7th graders as having "little hands" and being "squirrely" in nature. The people in the class complained about the code of ethics blah blah blah. Look fact of the matter, I'm not a fan of kids. I'm not unethical, I'm just mean.


Jenny said...

Those are 7th graders? I thought they WERE squirrels.

Just wait till your classmates get those jobs where they have to deal with twittering and texting and snootiness done up the way only a seventh grader could do ALL DAY LONG. It's enough to make you nuts. And you know how much squirrels love nuts.

boobarella said...

mmmmm nuts mmmmmm

Jenny said...

Hey - I just thought of a better comment:

You know who else is mean?
Seventh graders.

boobarella said...

yeah they are. I bet they could make the pope cry.