Monday, July 14, 2008

The Move

Yay! We moved! Woo! We're still unpacking and I only can "borrow" internet in one corner of my new place (until tomorrow when the internet guy comes to my house and hooks us up with our very own). I have many other posts brewing over the last week and I'm trying to limit myself to only one a day now that I seem to be back up and running at home.

Who am I kidding? I don't run!

Anyway, here's some pictures of the home-front so far!


Jenny said...

Oh, I LOVE Midwest apartments! They're always so cozy and wood-floor-ey! I also like that there are pug parts in almost every shot up there. Verrah nice.

boobarella said...

LOL! I had a whole bunch that every shot had only the ass part of the pug in it.

Jenny said...

Gratuitous pug ass is what draws crowds.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that's a lot of books.
Though I am not suprised at all. :)

- Your cousin Vanessa

boobarella said...

yeah...there are twelve boxes of books we don't have room for in the closet :(