Thursday, July 24, 2008

Puppy confusion, the Art of Reimbursement, or How the Week is Going So Far

I'm not sure exactly where to start this. It might be best to start with Tuesday when I attended the SLA (Special Libraries Assoiciation) membership drive party. It was bad. Yes, they had dessert, yes there was a tray of Greek food and a bottle of water, but they never actually said what their organization was all about and why I should join. Not to mention, no one spoke to me who wasn't planning on running for president next year. (Hint to Erika: Don't bother with it unless you have to). That dismal failure of an event followed by a glass of wine at a swanky hotel bar and shopping for my parents belated birthdays which I forgot all about and plagued by the impending doomishness of my mother's phone call earlier in the day telling me my father is going to have a stint put in his heart today because he's really not well has kind of flavored the week.

Yesterday, I made the Costco run for the museum's huge party tonight that I'm not really getting any credit for thinking up, because someone else actually went to the people who mattered and informed them it would be a good idea. I probably wouldn't have wanted the responsibility of taking control anyway. This mad dash to Costco and Smart and Final was followed by a politically charged book club over a the graphic novel "Persepolis." Of the novel, very little was discussed, of the situation discussed in the book, much was. However, the salsa was good and so were the strawberries.

Then this moring I confused Clifford by getting up early. It was so out of the usual that when Jim tried to take him outside to do his business he wouldn't go. In fact, he came back in. Jim had to pick him up and carry him outside to try it again. And it's cold in my neighborhood, but not downtown, so I'm dressed for downtown, but not my neighborhood which meant that with the copious amount of lemon juice I had to carry with me this morning I couldn't manage extra clothes to change into so I'm wearing my party wear. Despite Muni being on time I just had a hellish ride in on, Muni is apparently having switching problems and tunnel traffic is slow this morning. Doesn't really matter anyway because the 10 bottles of lemon juice I was carrying was not going to get up and magically transport me anywhere I wanted to be anyway. So I'm here, I'm dressed to party and I'm headed for coffeeville up the street. Any questions? I didn't think so. I'm just not sure I can face a third night of eatting hors d'ouevres for dinner again.

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