Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Let's Play a Game

Okay, I have a fun new game for us. It's called "Write a Caption for this Picture and then Post it as a Comment". (The game's pretty simple, but the name may need a little work.)

Let the games begin.

Photo # 1:


Erika said...

Man I just sniffed the BEST ASS!

Jenny said...

"Man, I just sniffed the WORST ASS!"

Erika said...

Oh that! I was in Cabo that weekend. See the thigh behind me? That was a stripper named Monica I picked up at this bar called the Snowball. Yeah I don't remember much from that night, or how my tongue got that tatoo of India on it, but I do know I came back with bad breath and a pair of bull testicles in a pickle jar.

Jenny said...

"Man, those were the WORST bull testicles I ever ate!"