Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pop Tarts, Beer, and Slurpies Oh My!

So it's a proven fact that those people getting ready to ride out a huricane head to Walmart for beer and after the huricane they go there to buy pop tarts.

Arg! So there I was all happy and eatting dinner when the whole house began to shake. I thought "Wow, the lightrail is really shaking the house this time!" But no, because it just kept getting worse. The floor started slipping side to side, the glasses in the cupboards started knocking, and the little dachshund went "aaaruuuh?" and ran to the window. That was the longest 10 seconds of my Midwestern life and I just sat there waiting for it to get worse with the devasting images of the 1906 earthquake playing in my brain like a bad "sepia" (thank you wingal) rerun. And when it was over and asked if I was alright (clearly nothing in the house broke or I would have mentioned it before now) I said, and I quote "Um and what have you got against the Midwest again?" After some dachshund squeezing (and he didn't even try to snag the dinner off my plate so he was wigged out too) everything was alright. Sadly I did not head to Walmart for pop tarts, instead we walked to 7/11 for surgar free slurpies. Go figure, must be that California livin' healthy thing.


Jenny said...

Is this Samantha? Based on the reference to being a midwesterner experiencing an earthquake and thinking first-and-foremost about poptarts and beer, I figure it has to be one of Wingal's friends. Welcome to our depravity.

sam said...

Yes, it's me. Sorry about that. I hope I didn't cause too much confusion. I figured I ought to add my two cents before I totally forgot to do it and never joined in. It might have been clearer if I had mentioned something about a dinosaur I suppose!

Wingal said...

Depravity? Jenny, I am shocked! Not depravity. Fun, joy, amusement, tantric sex, but not depravity.

Yeah, I know... who am I to talk?

Jenny said...

I love dinosaurs. And tantric sex.

Maybe both together.