Friday, August 18, 2006

Thorn Birds

Just wanted to say that I noticed today that the young monks roaming our campus are my age and HOT. One was wearing a yellow t-shirt and a gold chain underneath his white robes and he and another monk (again, my age and HOT) were checking email. So help me, I heard one of them say "Duuuuuuude..." I don't know if I can be Catholic anymore... And the fact that the Max Scuttlebutt story is getting longer and raunchier doesn't help.


Jenny said...

Monks ARE hot. WWMD?

Jenny said...

Maybe THIS will restore your faith, oh ye of lapsed moral character:

Wingal said...

MSNBC is being poopy... I'll have to look at it tomorrow. In the meantime, how many questions do we have to ponder:

WWBMS? (see Wingal's blog, comments)
and, I would say more importantly,


(What Would I Do To Monks If It Were Not Against My Faith?)

I am SO going to Mass Sunday, to air out this nasty little soul...

Wingal said...

Or, WWSS? The answer to which is found in the karaoke video, where he so clearly states:

They say I'm crazy
I don't give a damn
That's my prerogative.

Kick it Vulcan style, Baby.