Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moment of silence.

Let us bow our heads and say a prayer for our recently departed Pluto from the planet club. Ahh Pluto, we hardly knew ye.


Jenny said...

Well, this is Just a fine Pickle we're in. NOW, what's My Very Educated Mother going to Serve Us???

Erika said...

This is from the best article I have read about Pluto today:

"I’ve long regarded Saturn’s misty tantalizing moon Titan as the Homecoming Queen of the solar system, courted and fawned over, stringing us along with teasing glimpses under her atmosphere, while Pluto was more like the chubby Goth chick who wrote weird poems about dead birds and never talked to anybody. Still, I just can’t stand by and watch as the solar system’s Fat Girl gets pushed down into ever-more ignominious substrata of social ostracism."

read the whole thing here:

maurice said...

Ee do not understand. 'Ow could tey do tis? Now vere are te Brontosauri going to live tat tey can no longer go back to planet Pluto? Zut alors! Crazy 'umans! Ee vill eat all te scientists!! Pluto has long been te refuge of all dinosaurs removed from the dino-'istory books. Ee guess eet ees fitting. Pluto, a non-existant planet for non-existant dinosaurs. Mon Dieu!