Monday, October 01, 2007

An argument with Pam

Pam Cooking Spray. All Natural No-Stick Cooking Spray. 100% Olive Oil.

Well let me take a look here. . .I’ll be damned there is a whole nutritional label!? On Pam? The serving size is, let’s see here…”1/3 second spray”

WTF??? A third of a second? Who in the world not only got paid to sit in a lab and work on this, but actually pays attention to this!?!? I mean come on! A third of a second? "OMG how long did you spray that? oh I am going to be soo fat.." Or better yet: Conversations form the Lab


Nope, too much fat


Still way too much.




No, now that is too little


YES! That’s it! Dude we got it! Hey do you think we can do whip-it’s off this?

Oh and by the way, I read the ingredients. It’s not 100% Olive Oil. They also list “Grain Alcohol, Soy Lecithin, and Propellant.” So, wait, if there is grain alcohol in this, can our Muslim friends use it?


Wingal said...

Only YOU would read the nutritional label on Pam.

Incidentally, now I want my own nutritional label.

boobarella said...

I bet you also contain grain alcohol.

Wingal said...

Every damn day.

boobarella said...

I guess the big question would be whether or not we could do whip-its off you?

Wingal said...

I'm willing to let you give it a whirl...

Jenny said...

Wow. I always come in late to these conversations.