Monday, October 29, 2007

When I Became Lame

Once upon a time, I spent most of my time having a lot of fun. Especially during THIS season of year. As a kid, I think we all remember the gleeful enjoyment Halloween brought... when the most stressful part of life was deciding what you were going to dress up as (though this was not terribly stressful for me, as I was often forced to be the same thing two or three years in a row because my family didn't really have much money for such frivolities... "Hello, I'm E.T.... again...").

In college, this time of year meant Hayrides... Delta Zeta hayrides (which involved a "Mystery Date," God help me, and I always knew who it was) and, far more importantly, DELT HAYRIDE. I was reminded of this by a recent post Jenny made on her blog. But there was no Delt Mystery Punch at Delt Hayride. There were only jugs and jugs and jugs of Delt Hard Cider... Delt Hayride was the one night in the live-long year that I didn't mind using Port-a-Potties... and using them frequently.

At WMU, the Goliards had their infamous Halloween parties. The first year I was hit on by a Theology student dressed as Mojo-JoJo (from the Power Puff Girls); the second year I was asked to perform lewd acts with a Flying Monkey who was in an "open marriage." I try not to remember the third year.

So, when did I get to be so lame? When did I start resorting to carving pumpkins alone in my apartment and watching PBS specials on Giant Pumpkin growers? We know when it was... it didn't come with an age, it came with a territory. And now I just have to hope that, when I leave Misery, my lameness will go away and I'll become cool again. Because seriously, I am quickly becoming a LOSER.

Am I the only one who feels this way?


boobarella said...

As I briefly look up from my management midterm (really 4 sources to define strategic planning? really?) I can honestly say you are not alone.

I used to be a lot of fun. I went out all the time, I was never over worked, I always had someone to hang out with...and then...nothing, just a management midterm that asks for far too much what what it really needs.

Jenny said...

Me too.

Jenny said...

You ARE aware, right, that I make SOUP for fun?

theswain said...

Hey, I so resemble these remarks....but at least I listen to good music in spire of characterizations on this list....

sam said...

Honestly, I've just resorted to purchasing dog costumes at target and camping out by the front door in the hopes that some child will show up at my doorstep and relieve me of all that disasterous blood sugar damaging candy. Especally as they cancelled the city-wide party this year. I've got nothing to look forward to except a dachshund dressed up as a dinosaur.

Wingal said...

I've been looking forward to watching the Charlie Brown Halloween special for two weeks now. And I've just said "F@#% it," and started listening to Christmas music already.... earlier than usual.

And I really hope it's not Schadenfreude if I'm happy to hear that you're all as miserable as I am.

As for dressing up pets, Cedric very nearly received a costume that would have made him look like a businessman (it was only $2.00), but... erm... his head is too fat.