Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Music, or lack thereof

I love my husband. Lets just start out with that.

I love my husband. But what the hell is this. . . I hesitate to call it "music". . .he put on the stereo??

We're supposed to be doing homework and studying. Who can concentrate with this bizzare orgasm of crap comeing out of the speakers? It's like Kenny G died and his zombie came back with Doug Henning and made this.

I feel like I am either:
1) shopping for furniture
2) shopping for furniture in the early 80's
3) shopping for furniture on a game show

I know he doesn't like, and merely humors me by listening to, a good portion (say 60%) of the music I like. And I respect that everyone has different musical tastes. And I try really hard not to play the Bjork when he's home and have pretty much limited her to my iPod.

But I have never been in an elevator and had someone say "wow this is great, I wonder if I can get this at the music store?" But apparently some one does sell those cds some place, b/c we have at least one.

I love my husband, and would move to South Dakota for him if the need arose. But this music. . .this I cannot do.


Jenny said...

I think they have a lot of that music in South Dakota.

boobarella said...


sam said...

Perhaps I should get my father to introduce Paul Winters' "Whale Music" to the Larry. I'm telling you, the car theaves took everything that was in that car EXCEPT the Whale Music. Man, even theaves have better taste than my dad.

Jenny said...

Kenny G. come back as a zombie whale?

Wingal said...

I am writing in to say two things:

1) I can confirm the Larry's penchant for elevator/porn movie music.... I am a witness.


2) A little shameless promotion for my hometown band: If any of you have the ability to check out iTunes for snippets from Over the Rhine's newest album, "The Trumpet Child," please do so. Especially perhaps "On a Roll" (the new Margarita Girls theme), "Let's Spend the Day in Bed" (which includes the words "we'll eat your favorite pie, ice cream on the side, lie here a la mode and just stay home"), and the song perpetually playing in my head, "If a Song Could Be President." Apparently "We'd make Neil Young a Senator, even though he came from Canada." And John Prine would run the FBI. It's great.

And, more importantly, it isn't crap. And you CAN study to it.... I do, all the time.