Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Emerging from the Mists of Time...

Hi guys. I have returned. As Boobarella can attest, I actually forgot we had a blog... it's been a crazy month or two months or year or whatever. But I'm back, obsessed with Teen Vampire Romance novels (the saccharinely addictive "Twilight" series, thank you SO MUCH, Ressler) and preparing to move at the end of the month. I'm headed for a bigger, nicer apartment to complement my bigger, nicer income and my bigger, nicer title of... yes, that's right... Doctor. Plus, my apartment building is starting to go to shit, owing to some incredibly bad choices on the part of my landlord. When you can't open your front door because there is a STROLLER blocking it, it's time to move. I'll try to be fancy and post the pictures like Boobarella did, but don't hold your collective breath. But I'll be on the second floor of another nice brick building and I will share a balcony with two of my very good friends. I will have more space, more privacy, and more light (you have to admit, my current apartment has a Hobbit Hole-ishness about it... I feel like a mole). And off-street parking and laundry facilities. Yes, much better all around.

Incidentally, I watched Drunk History. No, that is NOT how my defense went. But it IS:

-how the review for the defense went
-how I describe my dissertation to people
-how I describe medieval narratives to people
-an idea for a future project (Who wants to play Judith in that one?)

So, in short, I have returned. Missed me?


Jenny said...

YAY! Wingal's back and better than ever! With a new apartment! And lots of money to fly us all out to visit and pay for our immigration lawers! YAY!

Wingal said...

Huh? I'll pay for Raphael's, but not yours. You stay firmly planted in whatever bizarre land you came from, for'ner!