Monday, March 02, 2009

boobarella and Wingal: Textravaganza!

boobarella: Am retard & now watching the bachelor in emergency brain hurts. (Mon, Mar 2, 7:31 pm)

Wingal: WTF?! Are u ok?! (7:32 pm)

boobarella: Brownie accident. Brownies won (7:33 pm)

Wingal: I am so confused... Did u use the bread knife again? (7:35 pm)

boobarella: Nope...steak knife this time. Stabbed my hand, am tard (7:40)

Wingal: OMG! Not too bad i hope? Not going for stigmata? Ripped like jesus! (7:43 pm)

boobarella: Not too bad, just kinda deep. Also need shot b/c brownies cause tetanus (7:46 pm)


boobarella: Dr way hot... hot hot hot (8:30 pm)

Wingal: Is he single?! Say something about how good u usually are w/ ur hands. (8:33 pm)

boobarella: I asked if I could take two pinot noirs for pain...i think he thinks i meant glasses (8:35 pm)

Wingal: Well he doesn't know u honey... He's not our kind. (8:37 pm)

boobarella: He is cute thus he is our kind (8:39 pm)

Wingal: Throw a bag over him and come visit me. I'll make the brownies. The special ones. (8:41 pm)

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theswain said...

You fought the brownies, and the brownies won.